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Perky-Pet Wild Bird and Finch Plastic Bird Feeder - 1.8 lb


The Perky-Pet Wild Bird and Finch Feeder is just what you need to attract birds to your yard. This feeder is adaptable so you can go from serving sunflower seed to blends ranging from mixed seed to Nyjer with a simple adjustment to the ports. You will be able to please the palates of different birds throughout the year without collecting multiple types of feeders – just change the ports. This Feeder is able to hold up to 1.8 lb. of seed within its reservoir. This unique feeder is constructed of sturdy plastic to ensure durability. With six adjustable feeding ports this Tube Feeder can accommodate multiple birds at once to prevent competition for food. Each port also features a built-in perch to allow birds rest while they dine. 


SKU: 8168841