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EGO Power+ 21 in. Single Stage 56 volt Battery Snow Blower Kit (Battery & Charger)


The EGO Power+ Snow Blower combines the power of any two ARC Lithium™ batteries for the power to clear heavy, wet snow. Made with a high-efficiency brushless motor and a 21-inch-wide intake, this snow blower can handle any snow the plow leaves behind. Quickly and easily adjust the variable-speed auger to control how far the snow is thrown. With a 35-foot throwing distance, remote chute adjustment and robust steel construction its built to last. It is the industry’s first cordless snow blower with the power and performance of gas. The EGO snow blower kit includes (2) 5.0Ah batteries and the Rapid Charger. Experience Power Beyond Belief™ with the EGO Power+ Snow Blower and the entire EGO Power+ lineup.  Blower has LED headlights.



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