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Equicare® Flysect® Super-7™ - 1 gal


Equicare® Flysect® Super-7™ Repellent Spray will sheild your horse from insects and the sun. With two insecticides and two repellents it provides immediate control and ultimate protection against gnats, flies, mosquitoes, mites, chiggers, fleas, ticks and lice. Also includes aloe and sunscreen to help keep his skin in peak condition. Can be used on puppies, dogs, horses or foals. Contains Permethrin, Pyrehrins, Piperonyl Butoxide, N-Octyl Bicycloheptene Dicarboximide, Di-n-propyl Isocinchomeronate and Butoxypolypropylene Glycol. Available in 32 oz. ready-to-use spray and  1 gallon sizes.


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