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Safer Insect Trap - 1 pk


The Safer Brand Japanese Beetle Trap uses a food and sex attractant to lure insects into the trap and disrupt the mating cycle. A controlled release system maximizes the life of the attractant and protects the attractant from environmental degradation. Comes with 1 trap, 1 lure, and 2 jumbo bags. Place this natural pest control trap at least 10 ft. away from plantings to prevent defoliation. If you have had Japanese beetles previous or even currently now, you can tell that they are leaf-eating insects. The use of these traps can help prevent damage to plants in the lawn, landscape, and garden. Learn how to identify the damage caused by these pests and how to battle them and keep them from overtaking your garden and landscaping.
  • Attracts and traps Japanese beetles
  • Uses a food and sex attractant to lure beetles
  • Controlled release bait allows for maximum bait life
  • Comes with 1 trap, 1 bait and 2 bags
  • Extra-large bags for larger infestations

SKU: 7739006