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Kent Framework 365 Mineral ADE - 50 lb


Kent Framework 365 Mineral ADE is formulated to be the foundation of nutrition for beef cattle on pasture.  It is a free-choice, loose mineral supplement.

  • Calcium and phosphorus - A 2 to 1 calcium to phosphorus ratio is ideal for cattle on pasture, which tend to be deficient in phosphorus.
  • Optimal mineral fortification - Formulated to exceed NRC recommendations for trace minerals, helps overcome antagonists and support optimal animal health and performance.
  • Optimal vitamin fortification - Vitamins A, D and E support growth, metabolism, reproductive performance and proper immune system function.
  • Highly palatable - A mineral does no good if cattle won't eat it. Addition of salt and other highly palatable ingredients keep cattle seeking out the mineral feeder.
  • Rain-Cote - Reduces loss of mineral exposed to wind and weather, improves water resistance and reduces 'bricking-up' in wet weather.

SKU: B54250