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Keyflow® Golden Oldies®

  • Size: 33 lb


Formulated to meet the needs of older equines this concentrated MASH ration balancer delivers scientifically advanced ingredients. Great for any horse or pony requiring special nutrition like Cushings, EMS, PSSM or laminitis. Cereal free; Low Sugar and starch. Contains Tumeric in the feed as well as Key Plus.

  • Cereal grain free and extremely low in sugar and starch, perfect for sensitive types. 
  • Easy to eat, quick soaking mash, ideal for those with dental issues.
  • Created using world renowned Protexin probiotics and prebiotics, Golden Oldies promotes exceptional digestive health, helping the older horse to support the population of beneficial bacteria in the hind gut.
  • A high inclusion of specifically profiled amino acids provided in the EQ-Complete pack, work to maintain and build muscle to combat muscle wastage. Generous levels of the powerful plant based long chain omega 3 DHA, which is scientifically proven to support anti-inflammatory mechanisms and help manage symptoms of arthritis.