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ORIJEN Amazing Grains Six Fish Recipe Dry Dog Food - 4 lb


Packed with fresh or raw animal protein and enhanced with grains to give your dog peak nourishment. With 90% premium animal ingredients including WholePrey ingredients from wild-caught whole mackerel, whole herring, monkfish, acadian redfish, flounder and whole hake. Nutrient-dense animal ingredients provide your dog with the protein, vitamins and minerals needed to thrive. The amazing grains added are a high-quality blend of oats, quinoa and chia and more to provide a balanced fiber ratio to support your dogs digestive health.

The first 5 ingredients are always fresh or raw+ animal protien. The authentic WholePrey diet features the most succulent parts of the prey like fish, organs and bone to mimic what their ancestors consumed in the wild. Includes DHA and EPA from salmon, whole herring and mackerel, and pollock oil which helps to support skin and coat health and immunity. Contains prebiotics, probiotics and soluble and insoluble fiber from inulin and premium grain blend to support digestion. Made in the USA with the worlds finest ingredients.


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