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White Mountain Pickle Company: Mustard & Dill™ - 2 oz


The White Mountain Pickle Company will change the way you pickle! Using a high quality sealable bag and spice mixes, here is an easy way to make your own delicious pickles at home. Simply add cucumbers, water, and your choice of vinegar to the pre-measured spices and seal. Its a safe, quick, and easy alternative to home canning.
Using the Rapid Brine Cold Cure™ process of their own design, White Mountain Pickle Company has made it possible for you to enjoy the freshest natural pickles right from the bag. Mustard & Dill™ improves on the traditional Southern recipe by using home-ground mustard meal and spices. 
  • 2 oz food-grade bag
  • Directions on back of packaging
  • Ready to use
  • Kits made in the USA with internationally-sourced spices.
All-natural and free of any preservatives, dyes or anti-caking agents.