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Wondercide Yard & Garden Flea & Tick Concentrate - 16 oz


A safe alternative to conventional pesticide sprays, zappers and foggers, this naturally-deriveed formula helps kill and repel mosquitos, fleas, ants, ticks, roaches, flies, gnats, no-see-ums, scorpions, chinch bugs, Japanese beetles and more. This is safe for use around pets and people of all ages without the need to wait for it to dry. Place in any applicator, add water and spray your backyard. Can be used on your lawn, patio, grass, garden, flowers, brick, paint and more to help treat a current infestation or to help prevent one from starting. Made in the USA, this cruelty-free, biodegradable pest protection is created without harsh chemicals, artificial colors, fragrances or harsh pesticides and naturally derived from cedar oil.


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