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Kent Native Level 3

  • Size: 40 lb


Kent Native Level 3 is recommended for performance dogs with periods of vigorous activity and elevated activity levels  or for those that struggle to maintain weight. Level 3 is also recommended for small and medium breed puppies and pregnant or lactating females.

  • NutriVantage® Nutrition Optimizer® for dogs is an exclusive blend of organic macromolecules, trace minerals, antioxidants, and chelating agents.
  • Concentrated Energy - Meat protein and fat delivers nutrient dense calories to maintain weight and stamina.
  • Top-quality meat meals with no meat by-products.
  • Meat meals and grains with no chemical preservatives or artificial colors.
  • Wholesome Grains - contains no corn, wheat or soy.
  • Antioxidant-Rich Nutrients support the body’s natural defenses through a healthy immune system.
  • Chelated Minerals required for optimal health in a readily available form.
  • Meat Protein vs. Meat Protein Meal

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