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The Essex County Co-Operative Farming Association was founded in 1917 by a group of local farmers. These original shareholders joined together to order their feed, grain and seed crops in bulk, thus getting them better pricing and buying power. Over the next 100+ years the organization has grown to over 6,400 members, with approximately 2,600 active today; all with the same principles in mind.

Nowadays our Essex County Co-Op Shareholders get special discounts and other privileges! If you're an existing Essex County Co-Op shareholder, please enter your information in the form below to access your shareholder discount on our online store. We will then need to verify that you are a Shareholder, this may take a few days.  

After completing this form go to the My Account page and create your account.  Use this account and the email address that you supplied on this form when placing an online order so the website can recognize that you are a Shareholder.  

Tuesday Shareholder discounts will be given on orders that are placed on a Tuesday - 12am to 11:59pm, for pickup only.  Please remember that not all items are discountable.