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Shareholder History

The Essex County Co-Operative Farming Association was founded in 1917 by a group of local farmers. These original shareholders joined together to order their feed, grain and seed crops in bulk, thus getting them better pricing and buying power. Over the next 100+ years the organization has grown to over 6400 members with approximately 2600 active today with the same principles in mind.

Owning a share in “The Co-Op” entitles a member to 10% off their in store purchases on Tuesday, (not every item in the store is included). At year end The Board of Directors votes on paying a Patronage Dividend. An individual’s dividend is based on 3% of their pre-taxed purchases. Shareholders are also invited to attend The Annual Share Holder meeting and dinner which is held in April.

The Essex County Co-Operative Farming Association’s Board of Directors meets five times a year. It is at these meetings that the determination is made to open up shares to the public. In order to purchase a share one must be 18 years of age, live in Essex County or spend a minimum of $150.00 in the store annually. The cost of a share is $10.00.

The shareholders at “The Co-Op” are proud and excited to be part of such a long standing organization.  Some of our members have had their share handed down through three generations in their family!