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Fabulous Fireworks Seed Mix


This vibrant mix contains seeds that ensure blooms throught the spring, summer, and fall, while attracting pollinators. Once established, these need minimal care, and the plants in this mix may reseed and come back the following year. This mix includes:

  1. Baby Blue Eyes
  2. Calendula Fiesta
  3. California Poppy Blend
  4. Shirley Poppy Blend
  5. Creeping Daisy
  6. Five Spot
  7. Viola, Johnny-Jump-Up
  8. Linaria, Fairy Bouquet
  9. Marigold, Dainty Marietta
  10. Moss Verbena
  11. Phlox, Annual Blend
  12. Zinnia, Classic
  13. Zinnia, Mexican

SKU: 1908