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Maine Wood Pellets - 40 lb


Maine Woods Pellets are made in Athens Maine. The raw materials for the pellets come from sustainable woodlands that are owned and managed by certified Master Loggers as well as clean wood chips and sawdust from a network of sawmills.The wood is pre-screened before processing.  There is no debris or additives of any kind. These pellets are made with 100% wood - no additives, no oils, no plastics, no polystyrene.  

These wood pellets can be purchase in a ton quantity.  If you want a whole ton add 50 bags to your cart.  Ton pricing will be automatically applied.  Essex Co-Op can deliver your ton of wood pellets for a fee.  Call the store to order and schedule if you need them delivered.

Contain less than 1% Ash, Less than .5% Fines and Less than 8% Moisture.


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