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YAYA Dog Whisperer Flea & Tick Home Treatment - 24 oz


Dog Whisperer Flea & Tick Home Treatment Spray is a safe and effective solution for treating ticks and fleas in your home environment.


  • Proven effective formula kills ticks, fleas, eggs and larvae.
  • Non-staining formula is ideal for spraying on dog bedding, kennels, carpets, blankets, pillows, upholstery, car interiors, etc.
  • Can also be used to pre-treat your dog prior to shampooing
  • Plant-Based, Made With Essential Oils
  • Free from Deet, Permethrin, Clove, Eugenol and SLS. 
  • Safe for Dogs + Their People!
  • Fresh, Uplifting Scent with essential oils of Cedar, Peppermint and Rosemary

How it Works:

  1. Treat your home environment including furniture, bedding, carpets, kennel, upholstery, etc.  Spray a light mist evenly and thoroughly over affected area. Avoid soaking. This product is non-staining when used as directed.  (Repeat as needed.)
  2. To use on your dog, spray the product thoroughly through your furry friend's coat, avoiding eyes, nose & mouth. (Remove visible ticks with tweezers.) For best results, directly follow with our Dog Whisperer flea & tick dog shampoo.