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Absorbine UltraShield®


Black UltraShield® EX fly spray delivers proven fly control for the comfort and protection of your horses. Kills and repels more than 70 species of biting and nuisance flies, mosquitoes, ticks, and gnats. UltraBond™ Technology keeps spray weatherproof for up to 17 days and is ideal for the most challenging conditions. Advanced formula contains multiple sunscreens and coat conditioners, including aloe and lanolin. Can be used on horses, donkeys, mules, dogs, and as a premise spray. 

UltraShield Green Natural Fly Repellent fly spray is safe for the entire family and the environment. With geraniol and six fly-fighting natural oils, you can use UltraShield® Green natural fly spray for horses on ponies, foals, and dogs. Repels and controls biting flies, mosquitoes, and gnats. Water-based formula leaves coats shiny and features a fresh botanical scent. Can be used on horses, ponies, and dogs.

UltraShield® Red Insecticide & Repellent fly spray shields your horse from the torment of bugs. Its five proven ingredients offer broad-spectrum control for killing nuisance and biting flies, mosquitoes, and ticks. Water-based formula gives coats an oil-free shine. Ideal for turnout, training, and trail rides and can be used on horses, ponies, llamas, alpacas, mules and donkeys.

$21.99 - $74.99