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If you frequently buy pet food from the Essex County Co-Op, chances are you’ve already heard a thing or two about Astro.  Astro connects small brick-and-mortar pet suppliers with the brands we sell, enabling us to bring great promotions to our store. If you value supporting local businesses while also having access to good deals on quality products, you can thank Astro for making it possible! 

Many people assume the loyalty program only benefits those who buy large bags of kibble, but did you know that Astro deals cover so much more than that? 

Cat litter, wild bird seed, frozen pet food, snacks, pet supplements, even animal CBD have promotions through Astro. Familiarizing yourself with the deals by downloading the Astro Loyalty app can help you discover deals on new products and save some money on the ones you love.

If you’re interested in saving money on these types of items, consider signing up for the loyalty program the next time you visit the Co-Op. The biggest way most people save through Astro is through the online punch card, which allows you to track your purchases of certain pet foods, unlocking a voucher for a free item as a reward for buying a certain quantity. Some brands require 6 items purchased, others 10 or 12.

These purchases are divided into categories based on the product line and size of the item. If you need to mix and match flavors on an eligible item, that’s okay! Anything belonging to the same product line and matching size can be added to your frequent buyer account and rack up points in the same manner. When you unlock the free item, it can be applied to your purchase at the store.

Since the cashier can log your purchases during your visit, you don’t have to worry about cutting out barcodes or having to save your receipts. Everything is stored on your account, which is accessible via mobile app. It makes it easy to keep track of your purchases and see if you’re getting close to unlocking rewards. When you’ve earned a free item, the app notifies you and can display other special promotions that might be of interest.

Besides the frequent buyer program, there are always new promotions on Astro that don’t require you to build up multiple purchases. Rebate credits for pet snacks, pet health supplies, small animal bedding, and wild bird seed become available with any eligible purchase and can be applied at the point of sale.

If you have a variety of pets with different dietary needs, there’s no limit to how many punch cards you can start. If your pet food needs are pretty consistent, you’ll earn rewards at a brisk pace. And with such a huge selection of brands that are a part of Astro, there’s something for everyone. Ask about the Astro Loyalty program the next time you visit the Co-Op. It only takes a moment to sign up and start earning rewards. 

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