Visit with Farnam at the Co-Op

Come down to the Co-Op next Tuesday, September 28th for a special Farnam event. You may even win a prize! 

Next Tuesday, our Farnam representative will be visiting the store to share information about Farnam’s excellent loyalty program and host a raffle to win a basket of horse care products. Any customer that day will receive one raffle ticket for each item purchased from Farnam. This is a great opportunity to learn more about everything Farnam has to offer its customers. We spoke with Stephanie, Farnam’s area representative for the Northeast, to gain some insight on why Farnam is such a recognizable and reliable company.

Farnam has been a trusted name in the equine industry for 75 years. This comes not only from the dependable quality of their products but also the company’s trust, in turn, for its employees. The majority of them have a passion for horses themselves, and bring that knowledge to the company, to its benefit. Equine care is a special industry because of the sheer range of solutions and methods involved in horse care. It makes sense, then, that Farnam has cultivated a team with a deep understanding of what works and why when it comes to their line of products.

Stephanie herself is a longtime rider and had managed horse barns for years before finding her career at Farnam. As someone who’s so familiar with the industry, it helps that she’s now the representative for a region with a very diverse clientele and a laundry list of different circumstances. She said meeting customers from so many different states and backgrounds is what makes her work so meaningful, since she gets a full picture of just how many kinds of customers depend on Farnam for their horse care. From traditional farms to the show ring, horse people everywhere can find what they need in Farnam’s extensive product lines.

The diversity of products is how Stephanie explained Farnam’s success through the years. She told us how their Apple Elite Electrolytes, previously only available in a tube or powder, have now been made available in a pellet form. If a horse is frightened by a squeeze tube or doesn’t like powder in their food, horse owners now have another form of their preferred electrolyte to choose from. These considerations may seem small to the laymen, but for people in the equine sphere, it makes a world of difference. Farnam prioritizes their ability to lend that kind of detail to their product lines. They want their customers to have that kind of choice, and value their input in turn, because it’s that kind of information that helps them develop those products. With all types of products at different price points, horse care can be accessible to everyone. Listening to what the people want is how Farnam earned their customer’s loyalty.

Next Tuesday is a great way for you to share feedback, ask questions, or get advice with Farnam. The raffle basket will include all sorts of useful goodies and there will be more besides that. Farnam’s Loyalty Program is definitely worth jumping onboard, since producing receipts for five of any Farnam items will grant you one free item shipped from Farnam directly to you. Stephanie will have lots to offer next Tuesday, so if you are planning to stock up on your favorite horse items at the Co-Op before the fair kicks off, be sure to visit her table between 10 am to 2 pm. 

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