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Clear Silicone Caulk - 9.8 oz


This is a high-performance, 100% silicone and 100% weatherproof sealant which is ideal for protecting areas that are susceptible to harsh weather. Great for exterior application, it is rain-ready in 30 minutes. Offering a low odor with a neutral-cure formula, it won't discolor most high-end metal finishes like chrome, bronze and nickel. This sealant can be used on a variety of surfaces including windows, doors, siding, trim, molding, baseboards, vents, basements, attics and around wires and pipes. It is compatible with most materials and adheres to most metals and woods, aluminum, composites, brick, stone, stucco, masonry, cement board, glass, drywall, ceramic and porcelain tile, and more.


SKU: 12231