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Super Snouts Pumpkin Latte GI Health Digestive Supplement for Dogs - 10 oz


This delicious supplement and treat in one is handcrafted in the USA and formulated to promote proper digestion and bowel health which can help ensure good stool quality and consistency. It contains pumpkin and apple fiber which can help to relieve diarrhea and constipation in your pet. Featuring whole goats milk from free-ranging, grass fed USA goats, which is a natural source of calcium and selenium. Rich in fiber and low in fat, pumkin is also rich in immune boosting nutrients such as Alpha and Beta Carotenes, Fiber, Vitamins C, E K, Potassium, Magnesium and Pantothenic Acid. Can be used as a food topper or as a drinkable, healthy and tasty treat.

Directions:Blend each tbsp of Pumpkin Latte with 3-oz warm water and serve over food or as a drinkable treat.

01 - 25 lbs......0.5 - 1 TBSP
25 - 50 lbs......1 - 2 TBSP
50 - 75 lbs......2 -3 TBSP
75 - 100 + lbs......3 - 5 TBSP


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