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Havahart Live Catch Cage Trap For Raccoons


Havahart Live Catch Cage Trap is perfect for capturing large animals such as raccoons, cats, groundhogs, nutria, opossums, cats, and armadillos. The Large 2-Door trap was designed for humane treatment and the safety of animals at the forefront of the design. Sturdy and efficient this trap features two spring-loaded doors for safe, quick, and easy catches. Rust-resistant, galvanized steel ensures this trap will last. Small mesh openings prevent escapes and stolen bait. The spring-loaded doors allow animals to enter from either end increasing the chances of capturing. Capture and release nuisance animals with ease. The solid door and handle guard protect the user during the transportation of the animal.

Dimensions: 36” x 10” x 12”


SKU: 83598