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Sweet Meadow Farm Organically Grown Timothy - 20 oz


Sweet Meadow Farm Organically Grown Timothy is an organically grown timothy hay that is high in fiber.

  • Vet Recommended: Sweet Meadow Organically Grown Timothy hay, 1st Cut Timothy, Timothy hay, and Sweet Meadow Hay items are all high in fiber.
  • Timothy hay is the most recommended grass hay. Timothy grass hay is high in fiber, low in protein and has very low calcium content. This is important for maintaining a healthy digestive system, which in turn improves overall health.
  • A high-fiber diet will help control weight, along with lowering the incidence of soft stools and intestinal gas. Its fresh aroma encourages consumption.
  • Feeding Directions: For both Growing and Mature Animals: Unlimited amounts of fresh hay. Small animals naturally graze and should be given unlimited hay, as it promotes physical and mental health.

SKU: HAY00522