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Nutrena Empower® Digestive Balance

  • Size: 40 lb


13% Crude Protein - 17% Max Crude Fiber - 2% Crude Fat

Nutrena Empower Digestive Balance pelleted top dress supplement is designed maintain normal gastric pH and to support overall gastrointestinal health.

  • Guaranteed levels of probiotics to support gastrointestinal health
  • Provides nutrition that supports the reduction of gut pain and discomfort due to stressful situations
  • Contains marine-sourced calcium that supports gastric health and helps maintain a normal stomach pH
  • Includes butyric acid and zinc to support gut tissue integrity for ideal nutrient absorption
  • Formulated with a proprietary yeast culture, providing bioactive compounds as a benefit to the beneficial microflora
  • Designed to be fed as a top dress supplement to complement a balanced diet to support gastric health
  • Peppermint flavor encourages acceptance and palatability

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