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Nutrena SafeChoice® All Life Stages - 50 lb


This is a controlled starch formula for all ages and levels of activity that is nutritionally balanced with organic trace minerals to support skin, hair, coat and hoof quality, Topline Balance to support topline health and muscle, Nutri-Bloom Advantage for easier nutrient absorption and Digestive Shield for complete gut and immune health. It provides whole horse nutrition to every horse in your barn.

The SafeChoice® line of Nutrena feeds all provide and guarantee three critical amino acids: lysine, methionine and threonine, in levels and ratio’s designed to impact the topline and muscle development. This line also provides “controlled starch and sugar,” meaning, all feeds have starch and sugar guaranteed at maximum levels on the feed tag. This allows horse owners to choose a feed with the proper starch and sugar content for each horse and individual.

Crude Protein, minimum 14.0%
Crude Fat, minimum 8.0%
Crude Fiber, maximum 15%


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