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Pawz Rubber Dog Boots - xs


The only disposable and reusable water-proof dog boot, made of natural rubber, they are 100% biodegradable and non-toxic. Fashionable and durable, these are designed to go on easily and to fit securely without zippers or straps and are the most natural feeling boot your dog can wear because without padding, your dog can feel the ground to ensure a sense of security and moves like a sock to allow full paw motion and maximum comfort. Enhance hygiene while protecting from ice, snow, salt, liquid chloride, lawn chemicals, pesticides, fire ants, mud, clay, hot surfaces, and allergies. Prevent pad rashes, sand irritation, furniture and carpet stains, swimming pool liner tears while assisting with traction control, post-surgical wound care, or post-grooming soil. Comes in a pack of 12.


SKU: 975102