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Poulin E-TEC® Senior Low Carb

  • Size: 50 lb


14% Protein - 10% Fat - 20% Fiber - 9.3 Starch
5% Sugar - 1.38 Mcal/lb - 0.3 lbs/cup

Poulin E-TEC Senior Low Carb is a premium pelleted feed that does not contain grain or molasses, designed for the mature horse that is sensitive to sugars and starches.

  • Chromium for increased glucose utilization and improved immune function, growth and overall health.
  • Live cell yeast that aids in digestion, absorption and overall gut health
  • Organic trace minerals that have increased bioavailability and provide increased resistance against stress and disease
  • Increased levels of all natural Vitamin E which is significantly more potent than synthetic vitamin E, making it more available to the horse and staying active in the body for longer
  • 100% organic selenium, a powerful antioxidant and significant in boosting immune function
  • Enhanced levels of Omega 3 to aid in anti-inflammation, performance and recovery