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Pre & Probiotics Digestive Support Supplements - 90 ct


Help improve GI and gut health and provide digestive support for sensitive stomachs. Made with pumpkin and chicory root that are full of micronutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to promote a healthy gut and digestion. Includes enzymes Protease to help immune function, promote cardiovascular health and helps to accelerate tissue repair; Lipase which aids in absorbing and utilizing fats as well as helping to break down fiber from plants and grains to support a healthy digestive system; Amylase which helps the body break down complex carbohydrates to make them easier to digest. Also offers Brewer's yeast that is rich in micronutrients and postbiotics to promote healthy digestion and nutrient absorption. These are cold pressed supplements that help to retain the maximum efficacy of all the ingredients. Probiotics help support digestive and immune health.


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