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Perky-Pet Wild Bird Metal/Plastic Bird Feeder - 2 lb


Perky-Pet Red Sparkle Panorama Bird Feeder is sure to attract many birds to your backyard, providing you with plenty of enjoyment. With an innovative design, this feeder allows seed to dispense evenly into the seed tray and stops once the tray is full. As the birds dine from the circular perch, the seed is replenished into the tray keeping it full. The Perky-Pet Red Sparkle Panorama Bird Feeder has a sizable 2 lb. seed capacity. Your hungry birds are always in good supply. The feeder’s built-in drain holes prevent water from pooling in the reservoir, so seed stays fresh. The birds love it. The large overhang shields the tray and birds from the sun as they dine.



SKU: 8414971