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Kaytee Timothy Chew-a-Bowl - 8 oz


Kaytee Premium Timothy Chew-a-Bowl is an edible food bowl for your small pet. This can provide hours of dental health and support through chewing activity. Chew-a-Bowl is 100% edible and made with America’s favorite Timothy Hay. Add your pets favorite food to the bowl, not intended to be used with water.

  • 100% edible toy, chew & treat combination
  • Supports dental health by encouraging natural chewing activity
  • Ideal for bonding & added habitat enrichment
  • Made with America's Favorite Hay
  • Delicious grains and vegetables for added flavor variety


INGREDIENTS: Sun cured timothy hay, potato starch, propylene glycol, glycerin, sodium alginate, honey, propionic acid, and potassium sorbate


SKU: B529209