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Havahart Live Catch Cage Trap For Cats and Raccoons


The Havahart Large 1-Door Animal Trap is an all-metal, live cage trap designed to trap raccoons, opossums, skunks, armadillos, groundhogs and other similar-sized pest animals. This humane trap has a spring-loaded door for safe, secure catches. Havahart one-door animal cage traps are constructed of sturdy, rust-resistant wire mesh with steel reinforcements and measure approximately 32 inches long. This trap includes mesh openings that are smaller than competing traps of comparable size, which prevent escapes and stolen bait. A solid, locking door and sensitive trigger ensures quick, secure capture that targets a specific animal size while eliminating undesired catches. Solid handle guard’s protector the carrier from the animal. 

Dimensions: 31.98 in x 10.6 in x 12.14 in


SKU: 85737