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Purina® Ultium® Competition Horse Formula

  • Size: 50 lb


Purina Ultium Competition Horse Formula blends three fuel sources into steady stream of energy. Horses fed Ultium will receive fewer calories from sugar and starch and more calories from highly digestible fiber sources and vegetable oils than if they were being fed a traditional grain based diet.

  • A unique blend of three fuel sources to provide a steady level of highly digestible energy: soluble carbohydrates, fats and fermentable fiber. A horse that is mentally focused, controllable and manageable has the best chance of winning.
  • Targeted nutrition delivery system quickly transports repair nutrients where they’re needed most. Unique amino acid profile and top-quality fuel sources replenish glycogen and protein stores in muscles to assist in muscle repair with less muscle fatigue for faster bounce back, competition after competition.
  • Supports prolonged stamina and endurance while maintaining the equine athlete in peak competitive condition. Less feed is required for maintenance of body condition when compared to feeds with lower energy density, helping prevent digestive upset.
  • May help reduce the risk of colic and other digestive disturbances that can occur when feeding large quantities of grain.
  • Contains Amplify - A proprietary blend of vegetable oils, flax seed and rice bran smooths the glucose and insulin response to dietary starch and sugar, leveling out blood sugar levels for a pronounced calming effect.
  • Precise amino acid profile for optimal muscle performance and recovery.  Promotes muscle tone and a strong top line.
  • Highly fermentable fiber metabolized in the hindgut, providing slow-releasing energy and preserving muscle glycogen. Anecdotal evidence in field tests also indicates Ultium® Competition Horse Formula may be beneficial for horses that have a tendency to “tie up.”

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