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Purina Ultium Growth Horse Formula - 50 lb


Purina Ultium Growth Horse Formula will supports the mare through all stages of gestation.  It has more total calories from added fat and fiber and lower sugar and starch.
To support immune function, calorie, and nutrient transfers to active, growing foals Ultium Growth provides additional milk components.
It  provides the necessary calories for lactation for both mare and foal sustenance.

Weenlings and yearlings get the protein and amino acids fthey need for the foundation, maturation and maintenance of healthy muscle.
  • Sustained Energy System - Blend of fat, fermentable fiber and soluble carbohydrates provides steady energy for lactation and growth.
  • Precise nutrient ratios support proper joint, bone and muscle development.
  • Purina Amplify High-Fat Nugget - Proprietary blend of fatty acids from vegetable oils, flaxseed and rice bran maintain body condition in lactating mares and healthy bloom in growing horses.
  • Amino acid profile includes essential amino acids Lysine, Threonine and Methionine and branched chain amino acids to support muscle development and growth
  • Includes beet pulp and soy hulls pto rovide fermentable fiber to the hindgut for a slow-release calorie source that helps support weight maintenance and consistent lactation in broodmares and steady growth in young, growing horses.
  • Includes Copper, Zinc, Calcium and Phosphorus in essential ratios and quantities to help assure proper fetal stores during gestation, milk levels during lactation and tissue concentrations for continued growth.
  • Includes Vitamins E and Selenium help support cellular metabolism and a strong immune system.
  • Controlled sugar and starch with higher levels of fat and digestible fiber may help reduce the risk of hindgut disturbances associated with high starch feeding practices.
  • Scientifically shown to support gastric health and comfort, proper pH and provides an optimal source of calcium for proper bone growth.

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